The Well Groomed Life According to Karlos Dansby

Celebrity with Best Style: "Nate Burleson—I have to give him credit for that. I see him on the NFL Network now and he even has his own clothing line, Lion Blood."

Athlete with Best Style: "Westbrook. He has his own style. I can't knock him for that. It is unique that's for sure, but is his own way. You've got to respect that."

Most Stylish Thing About Being in the NFL: "The opportunity to have your style on display. People look up to you and you have the opportunity to influence trends and how other people present themselves."

The Grooming Products I Would Bring If Deserted on a Desert Island: "Montez Renault 3-1 Performance Wash. You can get everything done with that. Don't even really need lotion because the 3-1 is so moisturizing you won't dry out."

My Grooming Routine Goes Like This: "3-1 Performance Wash, Facial Scrub and Facial Moisturizer and Body Lotion. All Montez Renault of course."

My Post Game Grooming Routine: "I keep it simple—the 3-1 Performance Wash."

The Best Grooming Advice I Ever Received: "Coach Witt told me once there will be a time when you won't want to have hair on your face. Stay clean and sharp."

The Best Grooming Advice I Can Offer: "Just try to stay neat and presentable at all times. You never know who you may come across and you want your first impression to be your best impression."

My Definition of the Well Groomed Life: "It's a lifestyle, not just putting on lotion or washing your face. Its much more than that. It's putting the thought and effort into putting your best foot forward. From your grooming routine to your health to how you treat others. All of it goes into being a well-groomed man and leading a 'well groomed life.'"

Most Stylish Movie: Will Smith movie that just came out.

Most Stylish TV Show: "Blackish."

When It Comes to My Grooming Routine, I'm Laziest About: "Making sure I use my facial scrub because I get so used to having the 3-in-1 with me all the time and I just forget about it."

The Best Business Advice I Ever Received: "From Stephen Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins. He told me not to spread myself to thin with trying to expand. Make sure you have a good foundation and all the rest will fall in line."

Person I Look Up to Most in Business: "Magic Johnson because of his success record and all of the hurdles he had to jump through to get there. I have so much respect for him in that regard."

Three Words That Describe My Personal Style: "Versatile, energetic, smooth."

My Guilty Pleasures:  "My mom's banana pudding! All sweets really . . .okay food basically!"

On a Lazy Day: "I sit on the couch and watch TV."

Person I Text the Most: "My business partner, Christopher Butler. Got to make sure things are running smoothly."

Food I Crave: "Lobster mash"

Songs in My iPod I'll Never Erase: "Jesus is All by Fred Hammond."

You Should Use Montez Renault Products Because: "The results speak for themselves. These products will take your look to another level."

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