Science. We're Using It.

At Montez Renault, we set out to design a better line of men’s care products that offers the most cutting-edge innovations in science while using only healthy, high-grade ingredients. Not content to simply meet industry standards, we enlisted a troop of volunteers willing to undergo rigorous testing to evaluate the irritation and contact-allergy potential of our products. Each of the nine items in Montez Renault’s line passed these intensive independent clinical studies with absolutely no adverse reactions.

The result: All of our hair, skin and body products are not just dermatologist approved, they’re dermatologist recommended.


Delivery is everything. Our patented QuSome technology allows us to micro-encapsulate our most potent raw active ingredients, protecting their stability and integrity as they travel into the epidermis and are finally released beneath the skin’s surface--precisely where they’re needed. This process amplifies the efficacy of ingredients without compromising texture or scent. You’ll find QuSome incorporated into our full range of hair, skin and body products.


Men’s skin is under constant assault from environmental pollutants and physical stressors such as shaving. The resulting redness and irritation come down to dermal inflammation. Montez Renault incorporates the anti-inflammatory compound Inflacin into its face and body products to block the PLA2 enzyme responsible for triggering the body’s inflammatory response. The result: Skin that’s returned to its most pristine state.

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